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After a year of delays, cancellations, and downsizings, weddings are finally happening again ! 

Italy, France, Spain, Greece... get out, breathe, and let us capture your joy and unforgettable moments, we're ready when you are.

Have a look at our packages and fill in your details in our contact box. We'll find together the best solution that suits your plans and budget. 


By the way, we understand planning has become incredibly difficult and things can change at any moment, this is why we offer a full refund* 

*Refund applies to all photoshoot services of our different packages in 2021 up to 5 days prior to the shooting day. On packages including transfers and accommodation fees, the refund is subject to third party terms if reservations have already been made.


Getting married in Rome or Paris

Braut und Bräutigam Walking Away



Romantischer Vorschlag



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